Top 3 Plasma Cutter Reviews 2016


The progress that has been made in technology over the years has brought about a number of new introductions in the various industries that can be found within the commercial sector. These inventions have served to lessen the work load in the sectors they have been introduced to and have gone a long way in enhancing the productivity that people are able to enjoy when working with them. The level of quality is also another element that has been affected by these new inventions. Thanks to technology the levels of quality has increased in significant proportions and have brought about a new perception within the various markets that they operate in about the level of quality that is now expected by the clients in this market.

One of the industries that have been significantly affected by the inventions that have been brought about by technology includes the overall construction industry. This refers to the various commercial (and at times private) sectors that deal with the building of various devices and infrastructures such as machinery, roads, wiring and buildings. Whilst in the past individuals had a hard time getting work done in a short span of time due to the large work load that is involved in the various projects that they participate in.

Plasma cutters are one of the inventions that have recently hit this market by storm and has allowed for the easier cutting of materials that would have taken long periods of time to complete in the past. There are some plasma cutters that are available in the market and it is essential that an individual is aware of the various options that are available to them when making the decision on which one to purchase. Some of the most popular plasma cutters reviewed at that are available in the market that an individual can choose from include:

Lotos Technology LTP5000D 50A

LT5000DLotos technology is a brand that is synonymous with quality technology and it has not failed its reputation with the introduction of LTP5000D (detailed review). Though this device may seem small compared to other versions in the market, it is able to make some big cuts for its size. The cutter costs under $500 which is a great financial aspect for those who are looking for pocket-friendly prices. The cutter weighs around 10kgs making it easy to carry around from place to place. It is able to cut through steel to a maximum of 12 – 16mm depending on the type of steel that is being handled while it can cut through a maximum of 12mm aluminum.

Everlast SuperCut 50

everlastThis is quality and cheap plasma that can be described as a combo set and is able to cut through rusted or painted metal as well as ordinary stainless steel. It is able to cut stainless steel and aluminum up to a maximum of an inch and is great for home projects. The Everlast SuperCut also has quite affordable parts should anything happen to the device meaning one would not have to above the odds to fix it should they encounter a mechanical problem.

Hobart Airforce 500534 250ci

500534The Hobart Airforce is easy to set up and use which makes it ideal for individuals who may be looking for plasma cutters to utilize in home projects. It comes with an installed air compressor as well as a light weight convertor which makes it easy to carry around. It is able to cut through a quarter inch of stainless steel and aluminum.